Bone Density Scanning and Osteoarthritis

Is it true that the onset of osteoarthritis (specifically in the left hip and parts of the spine) is sometimes marked by increased bone density in the affected joint(s)? If bone density is measured at the onset of OA using these joints, might not the results be misleading, i.e., perhaps indicating that bones are generally healthier than they may actually be?

Cartilage Replacement vs. Knee Replacement Surgery

I’m facing double knee replacement. Both of my knees have moderate/severe osteoarthritus. Basically, it’s located on the inside of both knees. I’ve been treated with Synvisc, didn’t help. I’m always in a lot of pain even with riding bike 30min daily. Have you started doing cartlidge replacedment yet? Also, my Dr. talked about doing arthscopic to possibly help me wait for knee replacement until age 61. I’m 57 and it’s affected every part of my life physically and emotionaly. Thanks , Sue Konoske

Do certain foods aggravate Osteoarthritis?

I have heard that some foods, such as tomatoes, dairy products, red peppers agrivate Osetoarthritis. Do you know of any foods I should stay from. Are there any food supplements I should not take. I do take a lot of calcium with Vit. D. and eat foods high in those also. I have very bad arthritis in my feet and don’t know how I can help eleviate pain in them. This has happened since I had back surgery 3 years ago.

Treatment options for Osteoarthritis

Considering posted comments about injections of hyaluronic acid into the knees for osteoarthritis providing only modest benefit when there is not much cartilage remaining, and as My husband has been advised that surgery is needed but should be postponed until he retires in 5 years and will no longer be performing repetitive work-related actions involving his knees, would you kindly advise what type of treatment you find to offer the most relief? My husband has previously experienced cortisone injections, draining of the fluid, an orthoscopic cleaning of one knee, and prescribed pain medication. Although the pain medication offered relief, he does not wish to use pain medicine because the side effects and addiction issues are too problematic.