What is Polychondritis?

My mother was diagonsed with polychrondritus(sp) (I am unsure of how to spell this) about 20 years ago. She is having a flair up and is having a hard time. She was looking to see if there was any more current information on this. I can not even find any information on it on the net. Do I have the right word? Does it go my another name?

SLE Research

Recently, I received a phone call one night telling me that there had been a brea kthrough development at John Hopkins for the treatment of SLE. It had to do with a Chemo treatment that was showing great promise. I was told the news stated that after two year post treatment with this particular treatment there was no evidence of SLE in the trial patients. I have searched your website and I am unable to locate any information on this. Can you help me locate the information. My 11 year old daughter was dx’d with SLE when she was nine and is now two years into her treatment. She is being treated at Riley Childrens Hospital, Indianapolis. While the treatment has been somewhat successful, her c3 c4 levels see to be somewhat sporatic. With her SLE she has experianced renal problems. As you are aware, in children this young appearntly, the treatment process is somewhat a guessing game since very little research has been completed on SLE and children this young. The protocal changes frequently just to see what will work. Anyway, if you could provide a link to the information that I am seeking it would be helpful.

Lupus question

I have had a ANA of about 1:80 for years- the only other symptom I have is mild joint pain in my knees, and shoulders (only). I am a white male 42 years. My ESR has always been normal as has been my other blood test (albumin etc). What could cause a ANA that high and joint pain? I have never had an unexplained fever either.