Could taking steroids while having the anti-ds, sm and rnp bloodwork drawn cause a false negative?

My symptoms were severe symmetrical joint pain, no swelling or heat (wrists, ankles, hips), overall terrible crappy feeling, low fever, shaking chills, muscle aches in upper front thighs. This episode came on suddenly with the joint pain the first symptom. I had been mentioning for 3 years to my doctor about these symmetrical joint pains, but not asking for treatment, however this episode of pain was far more significant then in the past. The doctor prescribed voltarin and vicodin which I immediately began taking before having the bloodwork done. RH, ESR and CRP came back border line positive. By this time I had stopped the previous meds as I was not improving and was halfway thru a six day steroid pack, when my doctor sent me for additional bloodwork as the ANA had come back positive with speckled pattern. They did anti ds, anti sm and anti rnp, which were negative but Complement 3 and 4 was very low. The steroids did eliminate my symptoms, but they returned during the taper before I finished the pack. After a couple of rweeks, the other symptoms have resolved other than the joint pain which waxes and wanes but is not as severe. My primary care doctor suggested a consult with an immungologist, however I deferred in light of my improvement as I don?t want the specialist to dismiss me with a ?what are you here for? because with my insurance, there are few I can see for second opinions. From what I have seen on the web, my lab results do not diagnois lupus although I have seen the mylar rash (or could it be roscea?) but it was not present during the times I saw my doctor, nor is it now. The question is this, could taking steroids while having the anti-ds, sm and rnp bloodwork drawn cause a false negative?

Ankle swelling and inflammation after Pregnancy

I have had swelling and inflammation in my left ankle for over a year, which started when I was five months pregnant with my daughter – she is now ten months old and there is no sign of it disappearing. My doctor ordered bloodtests, the results from December show an ANA of 1:640 with a smooth staining pattern, ESR rate of 24mm/h, Plasma C Reactive Protein 13.0mg/l, FBC Normal, White cell count normal, liver function normal, HLA B27 antigen normal. The most recent test in April shows anti-cardiolipin antibody rate normal, a slightly elevated Plasma C level of 15.0mg/l, FBC and white cell normal, ESR rate 39mm/h. Can you tell me what this means – I have no other symptoms whatsoever and am healthy apart from the swollen ankle?

Lupus and Pregnancy Information

Looking for more indepth information on Lupus and pregnancy. During my pregnancies the Lupus progressively becomes worse. I have lost 4 pregnancies and I am desperate for help. Please direct me in the right direction. Thank you

ANA Negative Lupus

I have had off and on periods of extreme hair loss, joint and muscle pain, fatigue and a skin rash for the past year. My PHP ran some tests thinking lupus, but the ANA came back negative. My sed rate was 32. My RF was also negative. She wants me to see a specialist, but said it is probably not lupus. Can you have a negative ANA and then it turn positive? Is the sed rate indicating something to worry about?