Joint pain and mouth ulcers….is this lupus?

I am a 26 year old female that has had joint pain (both sides ) for two years, mouth ulcers thought to be oral lichen planus, low platelet count 1x during a flare of joint pain, low grade fevers among alot of other things. I was sent to a rhuematalogist because my symptoms seemed to be lupus. However, my ana test came back 1:80 speckled and when tested again it was 1:80 homogenous. All other test, antibody test for lupus has come back negative. I had a face biopsy for a rash I had and it turned out to be rosecea. I did not have a lupus band test, I was told lupus band testing has been discontinued. My doctor is at a dead end and is referring me to see another rhuematalogist since he cannot figure me out. I have recently developed eye floaters and headaches but I am unsure if it is related to this. The rheumatalogist is referring me to see another rhuematalogist as he said he is confused about my symptoms. Do you recommend further testing and or monitoring? I do not think lupus causes eye floaters and headaches, what other diseases should be ruled out? thank you for answering my question.

What does positive anti-DNA mean?

I have recently been told I have SLE, I was to be tested every 2 months, but last month my blood test came back with anti-dna of 805, and was told I need to test once a month instead. I was placed on Hydroxchlor, Amitriptylin, and Gabapentin. Just got this month’s results, was told all came back fine except for the anti-dna is now 938. Was told to keep taking medications and keep appointment end of this month. What does an anti-dna of 938 indicate? why is it going higher in instead of lower?

Treating Lupus

My daughter has been battling with lupus since age 19. She is now 41 years old. This year she had heart surgery to put in a paracardio window to relive the fluid building around her heart. The doctor said it was the most fluid he had every taken off a patient where they lived. She is still battling with lupus and has been on predisone far too long but if she get below 20mg she has a flare. It’s not lookin well. She now is beginning to have stress fractures and problems with acid reflux which have caused spots on her throat that the doctors are watching very carefully. My question is there treatment that you offer that may help my daughter?