Lupus Q & A

positive ANA test and lupus

just got the resukts of ANA test and only got the following: ANA 160 ANA pattern homogeneous No symptoms age 65 female – all other blood tests normal Do I have Lupus? Could this be a false positive as I got a cold the night of the test?

Is this lupus?

Patient with Jt.pain,Swelling,Redness[ fingers,wrist,face] with scales in the scalp.Having Pathological findings.1]ANA 1:1280[norm:1:40],CRP 13[norm:0-10] ESR 40[norm 0-22] ASO 230[NORM:0-200],AntiSSA/Ro 8[norm<0.9],SM Antibody 1.2[norm:<0.9],SM/RNP>8[norm ,0.9] Other antibodis within normal range, what are the possible diagnoses.


I was diagnosed w/ Lupus about 20 years ago and have never since told any of my doctors. This combinded w/ an auto accident, which severly injured me has caused further sickness. I have not told my physicians as I have managed to get by without doing so. I recently had to have a MRI of my brain and it was discovered that I have bleeds in my brain. Might this be a resulting factor of the lupus? The overlap factors of the auto accident and the lupus are often indistinguishable. Thank you for the information on this site.

Lupus and prednisone

I have been diagnosed with SLE for over 32 and am only 42 and am a white male. I suffer from arthritis all over my body and the best medication has been prednizone for me. What is the long term effect of the prednizone to my internal organs?