What is my diagnosis?


I am a 49 year old female. I have had scleritis for 8 years and this year with that flare up I also had 2 bouts of pleuritis and I had joint swelling in my knees and wrists. I had posterior scleritis and I am being treated with prednisone. I got with a Rheumatologist and so far have tested neg on lupus, RA, and several other test. The dr. wants me to get a second opinion, but suspects I have spondyloarthropathy and I am taking mexetrcate once a week. My labs make me look very healthy, but my body aches and is stiff, but I don’t have a terrible time getting out of bed. Is this in my mind?


I agree that your symptoms sound like a systemic inflammatory rheumatic illness. The possibilities are broad and include RA and vasculitis. Less likley are SLE, myositis and spondyloarthropathy. Although anything can be in your mind, your symptoms are worth evaluating.

Alan Matsumoto, M.D.

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