Symptoms of Lyme Disease?


My question is concerning Lyme disease. about 3 weeks ago I developed an itch on my neck. it felt as though I must have gotten bitten. however i could detect no site where it looked as if i had been bitten. this area itched and hurt at the same time much like a spider bite i’d had. however I could seen nothing. inside my throat area almost seems affected as well. it comes and goes now and if heat is applied to the area I can see a red circular area. Does this sound like lyme tick bite? I have no insurance and don’t know if it is something I should have looked at. I sure hope you are able to give me some insight on this.


This is tough without seeing the rash.  Look at our section on Lyme for good pictures of the typical rash.  In general, the Lyme rash should be greater than 5 cm in diameter.  It does not have the have the typical bullseye pattern and a bullseye pattern doesn’t always mean that it is Lyme disease.

Alan Matsumoto, M.D.

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