scleroderma advice/what next ??


My father in law was diagnosed with Morphea. Although this diagnosis is questionable to me because he also has pulminary hypertension which seems to be a more common sympton in systemics. He has also lost so much weight even though he eats to gain. Which seems to mean that nutrients are not being aborbed by his intenstinal track. He has been treated by a renound clinic for the past year. He has been on chemo drugs and even receieved a stem cell transplant, which after the 100 day, showed no signs of working. In fact, proteins were higher. He has been to 2 clinics and seen by several Drs. We to find, like many of your posters, that there is a casual attitude concerning the seriousness of this condition. He is now taking thalidamide (spelling) and Dioxon (spelling) chemo drugs which have caused a PE which he is in the hospital for now. He is miserable and seems to be getting worse and any advice you could give would be appreciated as we dont know what to do next. Thank you.


This is way too complicated for this type of forum except to say that he needs to be seen (if not already) in a center that specializes in scleroderma.

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