RA Treatment for Diabetics


I am 62 years old, overweight and a diabetic. I have high cholestrol and blood pressure, now I have been dignosed with RA. What treatment can I safely take? My diabetes is not in control with numbers ranging from 60 to 315. Can you please help me? I am really scared. thank you


Most treatment for RA is safe for diabetics. Your biggest enemy, however, will be corticosteroids like prednisone.   They can raise blood sugar and raise blood pressure.  Long term use can cause a host of other problems like problems healing and osteoporosis.  Work with your rheumatologist to get your RA under control with a disease modifing anti-rheumatic drug (DMARD) and minimize corticosteroids.  Sometimes however, steroids are necessary.  YOu may need to increase glucose monitoring and even change your insulin regimen.  You should also work with your primary doctor to help you with lifestyle modifications as well as medications to control your weight, blood sugar, and blood pressure.  It is not too late to feel better, but you will have to be an active and willing participant in the plan.  Good luck. 

Victoria Ruffing, RN

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