Negative RA factor with a diagnosis if RA

I was just diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I have a high SED rate and c reactive protein level, but a negative RA factor. I have had symptoms of joint swelling and pain in my wrists. I also have pretty significant joint damage already (by X-ray and MRI). Can I still have RA with a negative RA factor? Thanks

Osteoarthritis – Beyond Pain Management

My mom is 80 years of age. Her right knee is bone on bone. She loves to be active, however the pain will not allow her to. Shots help, but does not take away the pain. At her age, what other options are out there for her?

Effective Creams for Joint Pain and Swelling

I am 51 yo active female 5’2″ 118 lbs who developed RA in my fingers over the last 5 years. I am physically active every day, and I go to the gym. In the last few weeks I have developed painful swelling in my right knee joint. Are there any effective creams or diet that will help with the pain and the swelling?

Acute Onset of RA

My mother was recently stricken with the near crippling onset of RA that came on over a 2 week period. In November her rheumatoid factor antibody was 44; she was referred to specialist for treatment. My question has to do with understanding the RA test. She had it rechecked this week and it is now over 2000, is this normal, is this any indication of severity of disease or indication of efficacy ot this treatment? Do the test values help in monitoring therapy?