Is there a specific diet that helps fight inflammation?

I am a 24 female suffering from RA. I would like to know if there are specific diet restrictions that may help decrease inflammation. Most websites I have found recommend a “balanced, healthy diet.” I am currently very healthy besides the RA and I do eat a balanced diet with many vegetables and very limited fried & greasy foods. Do you have any recommendations on foods to avoid?

Tubal Ligation and RA

I am pregnant with my second child and am considering a tubal ligation after delivery. Will getting a tubal ligation affect my hormones and therefore cause me problems with my RA? Should I just go back to the Birth control pill?

RA Symptoms Without Positive Blood Tests

I am 41 and have symptoms of RA though it does not show in my blood reports.I have pain and swelling in my fingers especially the right lasts for half an hour untll i take a hot water bath. I am on medication. Can physiotherapy help..please let me know an effective treatment as I am afraid of going into a depression .

Negative RA factor with a diagnosis if RA

I was just diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I have a high SED rate and c reactive protein level, but a negative RA factor. I have had symptoms of joint swelling and pain in my wrists. I also have pretty significant joint damage already (by X-ray and MRI). Can I still have RA with a negative RA factor? Thanks