Cause of Osteonecrosis


I have fell at work two different times at work. One time it hurt my left hip and another time it hurt my right hip. The first time, it was several years ago and the last time was this year. Recently, I have been diagnosed with osteonecrosis in both my hips. Could the result of my accidents of falling at work cause this in my hips? I do not have any other reason to have this other then the work that I do. I do alot of of heavy lifting, bending and stooping on my job. Could this be a factor that I may consider this for workmans comp so that I dont lose my job while I am out having surgery because that is where this is leading to. Could heavy lifting, bending and stooping cause osteonecrosis after a period on ten years doing it or maybe could it be the falling that caused it? I went to the company doctor both times and they did not even xray it or nothing. They just claimed that I strained some muscles but now I am not so sure. Please help. If this can be under workmans comp, then I will not lose my job due to having surgery.


To review, osteonecrosis or “death of bone” occurs when the blood supply is disrupted to a joint. The most common cause of osteonecrosis is signficant trauma to the joint usually after certain types of fractures of the joint. Less frequently, certain medical conditions are associated with osteonecrosis such as sickle cell disease, lupus, high dose prednisone use, alcohol use, raynaud’s disease, vasculitis, hypercoaguable states. I think it might be difficult to prove your case but you should consider having an orthopedist review your case.

Alan Matsumoto, M.D.

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