Osteoarthritis and Heberden’s nodes


I noticed a question from April 2007 similar to mine. I have developed a distinct and painful Heberden’s Node on my little finger and see that more are developing on other fingers. I am 51 and in excellent health, weigh 125 pounds, exercise daily, but started taking 1200 mg calcium daiy a year ago due to results of my bone density scan. The calcium supplementation is the only thing I am doing differently and this condidition developed within about 6 months of starting the supplement. It has also caused constipation — something else that was not a problem before. I’m ready to throw out the calcium!


Don’t throw out the calcium yet !!  IT is probably not at all the cause of the Heberden’s node.  Heberden’s nodes are outward manifestations of degenerative arthritis (also called osteoarthritis and “wear and tear”” arthritis).  The node is a bone spur.  Degenerative arthritis occurs commonly as we get older.

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