Osteoarthritis and elliptical exercise machines


I am 53 years old and extremely overweight with OA in my right knee said to be “bone on bone”. My medial meniscus is gone as is the stabilizing tendon on the front of my knee. I do NOT have constant pain or much pain at all on a consistent basis, but when trying to climb stairs, hike, or exercise, the knee swells up and is very unstable, and I also experience a “catching” feeling apparently from bone spurs. I’ve recently had the 5 week treatment of hylagen injections and want to know if using an eliptical machine is a good from of exercise after such a procedure as opposed to “impact” exercise.


HI Linda,

I can’t answer specifically for you, but in general elliptical machines are good for folks with knee arthritis since the knee is held fairly stable during the rotations.  Also, since you are not lifting your feet off the surface, there is no pounding on the knee.

Joan Bathon, M.D.

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