Myositis? Elevated CPK


Hello, I’m a 33 year old male suffering from symmetrical muscle pain and chronic fatigue (both seem post-exertional, but are prolonged). CK levels were recorded at 9500 this summer but have since gone back to normal levels after discontinuing exercise. ANA and RF were negative. EMG was normal and Nerve studies apparently showed some minor abnormalities. Would this be a likely case of metabolic myopathy vs. polymyositis? Would a muscle biopsy be my best bet at this point? Thank you.


You may find more information concerning myositis at the website for the Johns Hopkins Myositis center.

The particular workup needed in each patient would depend on your unique clinical story, your examination, and other factors.  It may be helpful to you for a rheumatologist to perform an evaluation.

Clifton Bingham, III, MD

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