Mother of Twins With AS


Since having my girls 13 yrs.ago I began to notice that my posture was getting bad and thinking that it was from holding and carring the girls in ’95’ I saw a dr. that immedentaly did testing for as and it was positive. since then I’ve had ‘iritis’ in my left eye 3 yrs. ago and just finished up with it again in the right eye(very painfu) Im doing excerises and stay active but have some problems swallowing im bent at the shoulders but i am holding off on heavy meds because I dont want to wreak my immune system.. I am not in bad pain but am uncomfortable and it looks bad any suggestions?


Physical therapy and exercise are extremely important in maintaining posture and preventing spinal deformity. You need to find a motivated physical therapist who will motivate you as well.

Alan Matsumoto, M.D.

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