Finding a Lyme Arthritis Expert?


I was diagnosed a year ago with Lyme Disease. I had a positive Elisa test and was positive after the Western Blot IgM and IgG tests. I had a six week course of doxycycline and three weeks of Rocephin. After 3 weeks on the Rocephin treatment had to be discontinued as my liver titers whenn over 800. Since then my rheumatoid factor has gone to over 400 (over 13 is high) and was put on Plaqunil for the rheumatoid arthristis. I am still tired and my joints, especially shoulders, knees, and and ankles hurt. Several people have told me about work done by a Dr. Joanne Whitaker in FL and a blood test that they over to culture the blood for the presence of Lyme. There is so much false and misleading information about Lyme Disease. Does JHU have physicans that specialize in Lyme Disease.


There is no one studying Lyme Arthritis at Hopkins. In your area, you might try seeking a referral to Dr. Arthur Weinstein, who is chief of rheumatology at the Washington Hospital Center in Washington DC.

Alan Matsumoto, M.D.

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