How long for Orencia


I am wondering about orencia and how long a person can be on it .? I have been doing good on it for 6 months and someone told me they stop it at that point and only do that point..can you be on it for longer like 3 years so to speak..any evidence to show any sideffects/ thanks mary


We have safety data extending out several years with Orencia (abatacept). Many patients will continue to see improvments on this medication over time. No significant new or unexpected side effects have been seen that were not reported in the initial clinical trials.  But the long term safety of any immune modulating treatment requires much longer follow up.

Your question concerning tapering drugs is a very good one, but there are few studies looking at “induction” and “maintenance” treatment for RA.  We are very interested in this question and working with an international group of investigators to develop study designs that can provide us with guidance.

Clifton Bingham, III, MD

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