High ANA and miscarriage


I have been having bloodwork at intervals for last 18 months, latest ANA positive 1:2560, screamingly high result as quoted by consultant haematologist however with negative DNA result. have been told Cannot be diagnosed as SLE but some type of auto immune disorder-generally feel unwell most of the time with pain throughout body, exhaustion, miscarried Feb 08-feel frustrated as no nearer to finding underlying cause or treatment-any advice much appreciated. regards andrea


HI Andrea,

Someone with a very high titer ANA and a miscarriage should be evaluated by a rheumatologist.  Even though there may not be enough symptoms to reach a dianosis of lupus, there is something brewing that needs to be evaluated and watched.  Miscarriages are common in lupus and in something else called anti-phospholipid antibody syndrome (also called anti-cardiolipin antibody syndrome).

Joan Bathon, M.D.

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