Fibromyalgia and ‘knots’


Hello, I was wondering if Fibromyalgia affected only women. I am a man, for the last few years i’ve noticed small knots around my body….thighs, behind knee, arms, some on back near spine. Last year on the back of my legs got bad, really bad, left leg behind knee along tendon knots, lots of them could hardly walk, went to doctor, sent me for blood, x-rays and blood flow tests, all came back good, by the time I had went through all that and with some heavy hitting pain meds, the knots subsided and reduced in swelling, I wanted an MRI, my doctor didn’t, said it had gotten better and we’ll keep an eye on it. The knots are still there and it does restict movement at times with pain, but now i’m getting lots of knots on my right forearm with pain. Is this a form of Fibromyalgia or not enough water. My doctor had prescibed to me at first to bike ride, swim and stretch as much as possible, 2 days later I almost passed out from the pain and obviously he said to then relax the leg.


Hi James,

men can get fibromyalgia, too.  It is not restricted to women only.  However, ‘knots’ are not usually a part of fibromyalgia – at least not visible knots.  Sometimes people can feel ‘knots’ in the muscles due to tightness from injury, lack of exercise, ior strain.  This could be what you are experiencing.  I can’t diagnose your condition on the web.  However, if you are told that you have fibromyalgia by a licensed health care pforessional, then, yes, exercise and stretching are great for this condition.  Good luck !!

Joan Bathon, M.D.

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