Elevated CPK Levels


I am a 57 year old woman who has a high CPK level. It is 2700. Yup, 2,700. My doctors cannot pinpoint the problem and I have other blood tests that are just as wacky. I feel okay but I am very worried about these results. Is there someone I can talk to regarding this question? I recently had a stress test which showed no signs of heart problems. I have liver enzymes which are off. Many of my tests are remarkably high. I really need an expert to help me through these tests and discussing the results.


CPK is an enzyme that is found within muscle cells. When the muscle cells are damaged for any reason, the CPK is released into the blood and the test is elevated. Normal CPK levels are in the range of 250 or less. There are many causes of CPK elevation and muscle damage. Drugs (prescription and illicit), trauma (temporary elevation of CPK), inflammation (myositis), alcohol, genetic porblems with the muscle, viral infections can all cause CPK elevation. I would suggest an evaluation by a rheumatologist.

Alan Matsumoto, M.D.

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