Dry Eye, Can Actonel be the cause?


Can Actonel be causing my severe eye blephorospasms, blepharitis and dry eye? My lacrimal glands are swollen and I can’t keep tears in my eyes. I’m on minocycline, restasis, optiva and genteal gel. Recently I had botox injections around my eye to relieve the blephorospasms. I also have had Sarcoidosis for 12 years. I take Flovent inhaler spray once per day for my lungs.


Actonel has not been shown to cause blepharospasms, blepharitis or dry eyes. On the other hand, sarcoidosis is well known to be associated with sicca symptoms, ie, dry eyes/dry mouth syndrome and may be the causative factor in your case.

Uzma Haque, MD

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