Could This Still be a Viral Infection


I have tested “excellent” which i guess means negative for RF,ANA,CRP quant, H2LA- B27, ESR, Parvo, Hep B,C , Lyme , Hypothyroid. As you can tell, I am running out of explanations. I still have persistent migratory joint pain. It has been 8 weeks from my initial symptoms of pain in my wrists. No swelling, fever, fatigue, or hot joints. Just pain in basically every joint. Also my shoulders and low back are affected. My rheumotologist believes it is viral infection. I have read from your site most viral infections resolve by 6-8 weeks. Does this mean a gradual resolution beginning the 8th week, or all symptoms should be resolved by 8th week. What else could be causing these symptoms if not RA or viral? I am male, 24 years old. NO family history of autoimmune disease.


Most, but not all viral types of arthritis resolve in 6 to 8 weeks. If viral, I would certainly hope to see gradual improvement in the weeks ahead.

Alan Matsumoto, M.D.

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