An expert in Lyme Arthritis?


I was infected with LYME disease at least in 04/2006 when I first had swelling on the left hip (limping) and shooting pain on both legs. Since the problem disappeared after a week, the problem was ignored. It was only in 10/2006 when my right knee swelled, I am diagnosed and treated with two months oral therapy of doxycycline. However, after the medication, the joint problem lingered around, in 04/2007 my left knee swell again. Meanwhile, I noticed symptoms of headache, blurry vision and recently heart problems and shortness of breath. The doctors I am seeing insisted that the LYME has been treated, in fact they seem to only thinking about early LYME and not at all familiar with more complicated forms of later LYME (therefore deny even the possibility). Since the symptoms are progressing, I am desperated trying to find an experienced doctor in DC or nearby area. Could you please advise?


I would seek a consultation with an infectious disease specialist.  For rheumatologic problems, Dr. Arthur Weinstein at the Washington Hospital Center is an expert in Lyme arthritis.

Alan Matsumoto, M.D.

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