Can Vasculitis Go Away?

I had a MRI that showed damage to the brain. I had a Second MRI and a MRA both confirming. The resulting opinion being vasculitis. Opinion of physician being I had it. I got over it. The end. I am uncomfortable that : No understanding of how I got it. Why would it just stop on it’s own? Will it come back? Is this an early sign of more things to come that could be treated now? I have aches and pains especially in thumb areas and feel it is a form of arthritis, are the two connected?

Symptom of PAN?

PAN has caused damage to the nerves controlling my Moms hands and feet. My Mom has no use of either feet nor hands. Mom is 74 years old and was always active and in very good shape She was diagnosed mid-March, 2004. What are the prognosis of her nerves repairing themselves and what would the time limit be, or is this not a normal sympton caused by PAN?

Microscopic Polyangiitis or Polyarteritis Nodosa

An indisputable biopsy ten years ago indicated PAN which seemed at the time to be somewhat limited to skin and joints with a relapsing and remitting course. I have had a history of microscopic hematuria. Upon examination there were a significantly large number of casts, but creatinine clearance was fine, and there was no evidence of proteinuria. The nephrologist believes this indicates microscopic polyangiitis. The decision was made to remain on 15 mgs of methotrexate a week along with 10 mgs of prednisone rather than more aggressive cyclophosamide therapy unless there is further indication of damage as the hematuria was present all along and has not affected kidney function. Is it possible to have two forms of polyarteritis nodosa at the same time? Does the disease mutate? Does it amke a difference to treatment to have a different name attached to the same symptoms? Would a course of cyclophosamide help beat this into remission?