Vasculitis Q & A

Wegener’s Granulomatosis

My grandmother recently passed away from Wegener’s in March 2008. She had went to a lung specialist for ten years or more with the diagnosis of COPD, even though she never smoked. I find that research does not know the cause and there really isn’t a genetic link. However, my grandmother’s brother died from Wegener’s a year before her. Is this a disorder that is often misdiagnosed or rather under diagnosed?

What is my diagnosis?

I am a 49 year old female. I have had scleritis for 8 years and this year with that flare up I also had 2 bouts of pleuritis and I had joint swelling in my knees and wrists. I had posterior scleritis and I am being treated with prednisone. I got with a Rheumatologist and so far have tested neg on lupus, RA, and several other test. The dr. wants me to get a second opinion, but suspects I have spondyloarthropathy and I am taking mexetrcate once a week. My labs make me look very healthy, but my body aches and is stiff, but I don’t have a terrible time getting out of bed. Is this in my mind?

Imuran and Vasculitis

What starts vasculitis? I have been on imuran since last summer after being diagnosed with it. Can it ever go completely away and what does the imuran do besides stop the skin ulcerations on my leg. One ulceration needed 3 debridgments. The scar is BIG and ugly so I guess I’ll give up on swimsuits and shorts. Not be vain about this though.