Surgery for calcinosis

I’ve been seeing Dr. Carole Dorsch of York, Pa. for several years for treatment of schleroderma crest. I have several spots of calcinosis on my right index finger. Dr. Dorsch retired in June this year but before leaving she mentioned a Doctor at Hopkins was successfully removing calcinosis spots. Do you have any information on this Doctor? I would greatly appreciate it.

Stroke risk with Raynaud’s syndrome

I’ve seen references to an increased risk of stroke in people with Raynaud’s syndrome. In particular I see references to research by Frederick M. Wigley of Hopkins. Can you tell me about this and if there’s anything that can be done to lower that risk?

scleroderma and muscle and joint stiffness

I have diffues scleroderma and my main problem is the fast and strong stiffness of the muscle and joints,I tried many kind of steroids(oral,IV,IM) but there was not much good,so do you have any other treatments for this problem,and is there any kind of surgery for hand fingers to improve there movement.


My sister recently saw a rheumatologist at Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia. She had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and was looking for a second opinion, although she has been suffering with this for years. The Dr. affirmed the fibro, and also diagnosed scleroderma. He did not give her any info or indication of the seriousness of this disease. I have been researching and am alarmed at the casual attitude with which this diagnosis was given. He prescribed aerobic excersize, and wanted an MRI of her legs, which is where the most severe symptoms are presenting: muscle wasting, major differentiation in size and shape of legs. My main question to you is this: Who is the foremost expert on this condition in the US? Next, are there any drug or other treatment trials going on in the Philadelphia area that you know of? And finally, what are the questions one ought to be asking their rhematologist when diagnosed with scleroderma?

Best treatment for scleroderma

Should I be seeing a specialist in scleroderma or is the average rheumatologist capable of the best care? Also, I would like an opinion on treatment with penacillamine or some other antibiotic etc that is presently giving good results