Proper subcutaneous injection technique

I did an experiment, I am on enbrel for 3 months now and was getting a reaction at the site each time, so for 4 injections I pressed the auto injector down into my thigh a bit harder and notiiced no reaction at the site, it bled a little but that was all. So this past week I let up and did it with a lighter pressure and low and behold got a reaction. My question is do you think when it goes in a bit deeper it keeps it from pooling in the upper dermis and irratating the surrounding tissue? Has anyone looked into this?

Leg and knee pain from Osteoarthritis?

I was diagnosed with RA at 26, and took NSAIDS for a number of years. Currently, 62. RA seemed to disappear in early 50′s. Now I’ve developed psoriasis mostly on elbows and now on lower knuckle of hands and some leg lesions.Three months ago I developed knee joint problems and then tore hamstring and calf muscle without much exertion. Was given PT for the muscle tears and Supartz for the knee. Since then the pain in the legs have become severe with anti-inflammatories giving some relief. Have only seen an orthopedist and he thinks leg and knee pain just from osteoarthritis. Could it be Psoriatic Arthritis?? and whom should I see. Dermatologist took care of the psoriasis.

Is there an increased risk to knee replacement in psoriatic arthritis and peripheral neuropathy?

I have psoriatic arthritis and peripheral neuropathy. The peripheral neuropathy is bilateral L>R. My neurologist does not know what is causing the neuropathy. I need a knee replacement on the left. Is there a contraindication to knee replacement in psoriatic arthritis and peripheral neuropathy. Also, is peripheral neuropathy common in people with psoriatic arthritis. I am a FNP and my lit searches only reveal peripheral neuropathy w/ rheumatoid arthritis. Do you know of a clinic specializing in psoriatic arthritis in NC or surrounding area? Thank you, Dianne

Psoriatic Arthritis or Rheumatoid Arthritis

Developed Trigger Thumb (locked extended) treated with cortisone shot, told to see rheumatologist since they feel I have PA not RA like I was told 35 yrs ago. Have in past used, Indocid, then Entrophen, then ASA as I felt need if I had a flare. this last flare lasted 3-4 months and was worse than any I’ve had for many years(just went away a week ago and now i feel good), but unsure if this trigger thumb requires further treatment, ie surgery, since I’m told this cortisone shot will wear off before long (had it May 4th). What more help can a rheumotologist do for me? What should I ask surgeon about thumb…since one surgeon said too many risks to do surgery on me, and second surgeon said, definitely need surgery, I’m 53, excellent health 9except for RA or PA, no meds, appropriate weight. Want proper use of thumb with no possible recurrences. Gladys