Acne causing joint inflammation?

My son has a severe case of acne that has caused an inflammation to occur in his joints. He is taking a steroid and an anti-inflmmatory. Has anyone else encountered this or know of a suggested treatment?

Psoriatic Arthritis and DMARDs

I am 32 and recently diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. If I am able to manage my pain, why should I start DMARDS? I think if I can control my stress, then I can get this disease into remission with no drugs.

Psoriatic arthritis and TNF inhibitor drugs

I am 30 and was diagnosed last year with psoriatic arthritis. The arthitis is in my big toes bilat and hands. I have tried methotrexate – it did nothing, Humira – I developed an injection site reaction after 5 mo on it, it was working great but I began having 8 in wide and 1/4 in high welts at the site that itched and burned. I have been off any medication for 3 mo. I am unsure how I should continue, I have very minimal flairs currently compaired to when I was first diagnosed. Do I start another TNF, or do I wait and see? I am an RN and work in ICU. I am concerned of the risks of lowering my immune system VS long term damage? I am worried about the long term effects of the TNF’s?