Tight Feeling in Chest a Symptom of Psoriatic Arthritis?

I am experiencing a tight feeling in my chest that is very uncomfortable. I had a chest x-ray today and it is clear. I have asthma, but the neb treatments have not given me any relief. I have psoriasis and have recently had my index finger swell to the point where I coundn’t bend it. My brother is on remicade for psoriatic arthritis.. do you think this chest discomfort could be a symptom of psoriatic arthritis?

PA and TNF inhibitors

I have had PA for c.5 years and pretty much exhausted all the treatment options (due to lack of efficacy or side effect profile) – other than TNF inhibitors which my rhumatologist would like to put me on. Prior to doing so I would like to get a second opinion and discuss which TNF inhibitor might be best suited. As such I was wondering if you might suggest any of the rhumatologists the Arthritis Centre in having a particular specialization in PA and might have availability within the next month or so for an appointment. Thanks.

Acne causing joint inflammation?

My son has a severe case of acne that has caused an inflammation to occur in his joints. He is taking a steroid and an anti-inflmmatory. Has anyone else encountered this or know of a suggested treatment?

Psoriatic Arthritis and DMARDs

I am 32 and recently diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. If I am able to manage my pain, why should I start DMARDS? I think if I can control my stress, then I can get this disease into remission with no drugs.