Actonel vs. Fosamax

I have been taking fosamax for a little over two months and i am having a problem with constipation. Will actonel give me the same problem?


I read somewhere (cantremember where) that fosamax is no lomger is effective after being taken for five years? Is this true?

Is a 2.6 bone density number, is this too low?

My original bone denisty was -2.5 about 5 years ago. Two years ago it was up to -2.0. The latest reading is -2.6 and is primarily in the hips. I have been on Fosamx for 5 years. My doctor doesn’t recommend any other treatment, he says there isn’t any. He told me that 2.6 is not something to worry about and that I could have another bone density and it could come back a higher number, that these things vary. I am 70 and worryng about breaking a hip. Some advice please.

Is a 2.6 bone density number, is this too low?

There is a medication called Forteo, a daily injection medicine that is a replica of : the hormone, parathyroid hormone (PTH). Forteo can increase : bone mass and is useful particulary in patients with prior : fracture or worsening bone density. Discuss the risks and : benefits with your doctor as it applies to you. : How great a concern should the risk of bone cancer and increased heart rate play into a decision to start treatment with Forteo for a woman past 75 on chronic steriod therapy? Is Boniva as successful in treating bone loss?