success rate

My dad was in a car wreck July 10, and was diagnosed with a fractured vertebra. He recently has been told he would need a new procedure to correct the problem. He will be having the balloon procedure done. With the surgery being delayed for 3 months, will the success rate be higher or lower?

Osteoporosis in young men

I am a 42 year old male and have been told I have osteoporosis. My T-scores are -1.6 in L1, -2.3 in L2, -2.9 in L3, -3.5 in L4 and L2-L4 -2.9. I also have ostepenia in my left femur (-1.2). Several years ago I had a fusion at C6-C7 after a sneeze ruptured my disk. I also have diagnosed arthritis and fibromyalgia. My blood work is negative. I don’t understand why this is happening to me. My Dr. has put me on Fosomax but we don’t know why this is occuring. Should I just take the fosomax and see what happens or should further testing be done to determine why I have these problems? I’m concerned that something else is occuring in my body. What do you suggest?