Osteoarthritis Q & A

Osteoarthritis – Beyond Pain Management

My mom is 80 years of age. Her right knee is bone on bone. She loves to be active, however the pain will not allow her to. Shots help, but does not take away the pain. At her age, what other options are out there for her?

Osteoarthritis and Heberden’s nodes

I noticed a question from April 2007 similar to mine. I have developed a distinct and painful Heberden’s Node on my little finger and see that more are developing on other fingers. I am 51 and in excellent health, weigh 125 pounds, exercise daily, but started taking 1200 mg calcium daiy a year ago due to results of my bone density scan. The calcium supplementation is the only thing I am doing differently and this condidition developed within about 6 months of starting the supplement. It has also caused constipation — something else that was not a problem before. I’m ready to throw out the calcium!

Advantages of Total Knee Replacement?

My orthopaedic surgeon originally thought I would be a candidate for a partial knee replacement; however, discovered during my arthoscopic surgery that I had arthritis in both knee compartments and under the knee cap. I had 2 cortisone injections (June and July), now I am trying the Orthovisc injections (I had my first one last week with no relief and my second one today). The dr. mentioned that if I do not get any relief this week with the injection that we will probably not continue with the 3rd shot. What would be the main advantages/disadvantages of having a tkr at this time (I am 54).

Synvisc or Euflexxa?

which is the better choice, synvisc or euflexxa? I have OA in both my knees and need to have the injections. My doctor said the choice was mine.