Bextra and side effects

I am hoping you can help me. I had Prostrate Cancer and subsequent surgery a year ago. I have improving incontinence issues. A few months ago, I developed a arthitis and a pinched nerve in my clavical vertebra. They put me on Bextra and I have increased my frequency to urinate, especially at night, getting up twice a night. Is this a common side effect of Bextra or being caused by Bextra?

Celebrex: side effect

Can nightmares (very frightening dreams) be a side effect of Celebrex? The Celebrex is very helpful for my arthritis pain, but I believe recurring nightmares (every night) started at the same time I started Celebrex.

osteoarthritis and vioxx

Been diagnosed with osteoarthris and prescribed 25 mg vioxx daily. It’s helped with all but my hands. Are there any side effects with this medication and will taking a higher dose of vioxx improve its’ effectiveness?