What can supplement Voltaren 100 SR?

I’m a RA sufferer who has been taking Voltaren SL 100mg tabs for quite a while now. The only problem, is that they seeverely wear off by about dawn and the pain wakes me up and I can no longer get comfortable enough to get back to sleep. Can I take TWO of these, one in the am and one before bed even though they are time release without any side effects? I have been on Prednisone..could not tolerate that even at a low dosage. Helped the pain greatly, but made me VERY ILL! And Methotrexate is right out! Can you recommend anything. Typing this letter is extremely painful.

Treatment Options

I’m from turkey,and I’m suffering as for nearly 2 years.my doctor advice me to use endol( contain indometzine) or naprosyn cr( contain naproksyn) and he thougth that infleximab is not good that those drugs.