I have been prescribed and am taking Meloxicam (15 MG) 1/2 pill each day. Is this good for Arthritis? Thank you!

Combining NSAIDS and Tylenol for pain

Is it safe to take a 200mg dose of Celebrex once a day in the morning, accompanied by one extra strength Tylenol? And then throughout the day supplement this with Tylenol [every four hours, not exceeding the recommended daily dose of Tylenol]?

OA Remission?

My father is 83 and suffers from OA that is manifest in many joints but became severe in his knees 5-years ago. In the last year and a half severe pain occurs in his hips and an ankle. Recently he went through a surprising three week period where the severe pain in his hips and ankle was -uniquely in his experience- vastly reduced (while the severe knee pain remained unabaited) There was no change at all in medication, or change in nutritional habits, excercise or daily routine when the hip and ankle pain dimmished -or 3 weeks later returned to its’ previously high pain level. I haven’t read anything about remissions in OA, can that happen? if so are there classical triggers we should look for? (He has also been diagnosed as early stages of Parkinsons) Any assistance is appreciated. Thank you for your time.