Elevated CPK

I just got over PMR (stopped prednisone in Jan). I now have muscle aches through out my body. My CPK level is 234 and sedimetation rate is 26. I have angst about heart attacks. I can not find anywhere what 234 means. I know it is high, but how high does it go to? I also know that there are three different kinds of CPK and I am hoping mine is the third one. What is the treatment for elevated CPK?


40 old man with weekness from 20 yr ago. his diagnosis is polymyositis and treatment not good. Now he have progimal and distal weekness.cpk=2450 ,LDH=900,.EMG faverable polymyositis .Biopsy have regernation$degernation of muscle fiber. gint cell no cellar infiltriation.but patient tretment with high dose corticosteriod,mtx.no provment in weekness but enzyme decrease tocpk=1450,LDH=600.PMH:negative what is your diagnosis? here is not possible for evalution muscle dystrophy.

Scleroderma/Dermatomyositis Overlap

My husband is 36 years old and in relatively good health. He was recently diagnosed (through biopsy results from his hands and feet) with dermatomyositis-scleroderma overlap. His hands are rough, and he has a couple of patches that come and go on his elbows, tops of his feet, knees and eyelids, although none of them are serious at this time and they are smooth normal skin most of the time. He also has joint pain, but nothing very serious yet. He was hospitalized last summer for bilateral pneumonitis last year and has pulmonary fibrosis. He is on oxygen at night and very little during the day (just during exertion). Otherwise, he functions on a fairly normal level. I did read your response to another person’s question that there is not a specialty clinic within Johns Hopkins that targets dermatomyositis. I also read, however, that someone with the DM-SCL overlap disease participated in one of the Johns Hopkins clinical trials (it was a scleroderma trial, I believe). If he could not participate in one of your clinical trials, please let me know if you suggest someone else in the field.

Methotrexate and getting pregnant

My husband takes methotrexate for dermatomyositis. We have 1 child we conceived befoer he got sick. He has been on methotrexate for 2 years. How long does he have to stop before we can try to conceive? Will this affect his fertility?