Myositis Q & A

CPK elevation

I have COPD and last night had an acute exacerbation. I was admitted for the COPD and because my CPK ensymes were 45,000. I know that this is considered high, but the only symptoms other than those usually associated wth COPD exacerbation was a temp. of 103. Any ideas?

Elevated CPK and Working Out

I just received a call from my doctor and he said that my CPK levels have been elevated. He didn’t say how high they were or how i can lower them. I have been working out a lot lately as well as the workouts have been picking up in intensity. I haven’t been having any pain in my muscles and aside from being sore a day or 2 after workouts, I feel fine. Is there any way that I can bring them down?

Myositis? Elevated CPK

Hello, I’m a 33 year old male suffering from symmetrical muscle pain and chronic fatigue (both seem post-exertional, but are prolonged). CK levels were recorded at 9500 this summer but have since gone back to normal levels after discontinuing exercise. ANA and RF were negative. EMG was normal and Nerve studies apparently showed some minor abnormalities. Would this be a likely case of metabolic myopathy vs. polymyositis? Would a muscle biopsy be my best bet at this point? Thank you.

Statins and myositis

I submitted several questions regarding possible statin induced myositis and rhabdomyolysis on 1/16/09. I have a serious and pressing matter. How long does it take to get a response? According to the website, as of today, the last time a question in this category was answered was on 12/5/08. Thank you!