Could This Still be a Viral Infection

I have tested “excellent” which i guess means negative for RF,ANA,CRP quant, H2LA- B27, ESR, Parvo, Hep B,C , Lyme , Hypothyroid. As you can tell, I am running out of explanations. I still have persistent migratory joint pain. It has been 8 weeks from my initial symptoms of pain in my wrists. No swelling, fever, fatigue, or hot joints. Just pain in basically every joint. Also my shoulders and low back are affected. My rheumotologist believes it is viral infection. I have read from your site most viral infections resolve by 6-8 weeks. Does this mean a gradual resolution beginning the 8th week, or all symptoms should be resolved by 8th week. What else could be causing these symptoms if not RA or viral? I am male, 24 years old. NO family history of autoimmune disease.

Migratory Arthritis

For the last 6 weeks I have been experiencing migratory joint pain. It started in the knuckle joints of my hands, moved to my jaw, hips and metatarsel joints. Each day it moves to one of these different areas. My hands and feet feel warm but there in no swelling or redness. I generally feel sick. My family doctor has been treating me for Lyme Disease for 5 weeks with Doxycycline 300 mg with no improvement in symptoms. I did not have the EM rash. All my lab test have come back negative- RF, ESR, ANA, Parvo, and Elisha. With these presenting symptoms what is your medical opinion?

Follow-up on 21 days of antibiotic for Lyme Disease

One month ago I tested positive for Lyme Disease, after going to my internist with a large rash on my shoulder. (The rash turned into a classic bulls-eye over 5 cm wide.) My doctor prescribed 2 weeks of doxycycline. But my friends and I had heard the treatment was longer. So after I searched the CDC and Johns Hopkins website for the standard treatment, I asked for 2 more weeks of antibiotic. My doctor refused and only would prescribe 1 more week for a total of 21 days. (Her reasoning was the extended antibiotic could be harmful to my intestinal flora since I had also taken 10 days of eurythromycin sp? to treat a rapid skin infection that had developed in the rash cellulitis?) It has been over 1 week since my 3 week antibiotic was finished and I am starting to feel very fatigued, somewhat achy and flu like. I am concerned that I didn’t stay on antibiotics long enough. Is there a standard treatment/testing procedure once a patient has finished the initial course of antibiotics? E.g., when should I get re-tested?

antibiotics and methatrexate

I have been on methatrexate for 5 weeks. I have LLL pneumonia and am taking leavaquin po daily. Is there a contraindication/ Does the methatrexate inhibit the antibiotic or vice-versa?

Finding a Lyme Arthritis Expert?

I was diagnosed a year ago with Lyme Disease. I had a positive Elisa test and was positive after the Western Blot IgM and IgG tests. I had a six week course of doxycycline and three weeks of Rocephin. After 3 weeks on the Rocephin treatment had to be discontinued as my liver titers whenn over 800. Since then my rheumatoid factor has gone to over 400 (over 13 is high) and was put on Plaqunil for the rheumatoid arthristis. I am still tired and my joints, especially shoulders, knees, and and ankles hurt. Several people have told me about work done by a Dr. Joanne Whitaker in FL and a blood test that they over to culture the blood for the presence of Lyme. There is so much false and misleading information about Lyme Disease. Does JHU have physicans that specialize in Lyme Disease.