Infectious Arthritis Q & A

Lyme disease

I had a swollen knee and a pain and I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis 2 month ago. I am 53 years old, not overweight and before that problem exercised regularly and did not have any medical problems. Now I started to feel pain in my heap joints, in two of my fingers and both knee. Three month ago I had a tick bite, I went to emergency but the doctor did not notice something suspicious and blood test was not done. I wonder now is there any change that my family doctor can confuse osteoarthritis with Lyme arthritis. The x-ray of knees was done. On other joint problem, which developed later my doctor does not want to pay attention because it is not in severe pain yet. Thank you

Lyme arthritis and tick bites

I had a tick bite with a typical rash. The blood test however was negative. I was on antibiotics for 21days which eased the symptoms(joint pains and early morning stiffness of hands). After 3 months I am having the same pains again. My Doctor is not sure if it is Rheumatiod Arthritis or re-occuring arthriris of Lymes Disease as the blood test is negative for both. What is the Differential Diagnosis for Lymes arthritis and Rheumatiod Arthritis, in terms of the symptoms.

Lyme Disease diagnosis through X-Ray?

Can you take an x-ray of a Lyme Disease swollen joint and have any abnormalities (bone degeneration or bone displacemnt) show up on the x-ray’s? Thank you very much, Paul Santos

Strep and Infectious Arthritis

Can infectious arthritis caused by strep reoccur? I have never had this condition before and I’m worried about this happening again. What is the best treatment? The step infection was treated with biaxin.

Does Obesity lead to post-operative orthopedic infection?

My sister in law is morbidly obese. She had surgergy to remove an infection from her hip. Can being over weight cause this? Is there a name for this? I would really appreciate your help. The Drs. are sending the bacateria for a culture to help determine what type of treatment for her….Thank you for your help.