Joint Pains

I am 30 years old and as of yet, no doctor has been able to figure out exactly what’s wrong with my joints. The “best guess” is RA as of now, although my blood work has always been and still is negative for the RA factor. The only medication that has given me any kind of relief has been a steroid anti-inflammatory. I can deal with the pain in my knee and the occasional finger (it comes and goes for short periods of time), but my jaw (only the right side) is unbearable. I haven’t been able to yawn in 15 months and eating is always painful. We know it’s arthritis since the steroid made the pain go away completely. Is there anything I can do (like physical therapy) or take (prescription or supplement) that can help with this? I really don’t want to spend the rest of my life in agony.

Arthritis — too many questions

1. What age groups of people does arthritis affect most? 2. How serious of a problem is arthritis for people? 3. What are the treatment options for people diagnosed with arthritis? 4. If someone doesn

Vitamin D deficieincy

My DR.just found that I have low vitamin d 22. Eight or nine months of muscle aches,extreme fatigue, lots of tests no answers.Any connection? He has started me on 1,000 units of vitamin D. Thank you.

Infections and Biologic Agents

My husband is scheduled for a Rituxan infusion tomorrow. He has a cold — not a terrible cold but, nevertheless, a cold. Should he reschedule the infusion??? Thanks for your time! I appreciate it! Best regards~ jeanne