Herniated Disc and Rheumatoid Arthritis

I was told I had a positive for rheumatoid arthritis (though a low positive) an a high inflammation level then sent to the rheumatologist by my personal doctor. The rheumatologist has now decided I have a herniated disc in my back that is causing these issues because the pain that is keeping me from being able to walk is in one leg and he says has taken away my reflexs in that leg. When I got the records from his office to take with me to the neurosurgical consultation and for the MRI an I found that his interprution of my explation of pain did not line up with the points I was trying to make about my ankle and hip pain in BOTH sides though my leg/ knee pain is only to my right and I have muscle pain on that side also that feels like a hot knife. He quotes me in ways I don’t recognize and seemed frustrated that the first doctor sent me to him. I don’t understand does that mean he thinks I only have a herniated disc or do I go back and re-examine the rheumatiod issue after the disc is dealt with/ He didn’t seem to have time to discuse this with me and I waited and hour and a half once I was in the room to be examine and for consultation. I don’t think communication went well though I think he may be right about the herniated disc it still does not explain to me the issues with my hands, elbows and feet.

What do I have?

I have some questions about a couple of different kinds of arthritis. According to the local emergency room, I have “strep arthritis”. My regular doctor, whom they told me to follow up with said I had “post infectious arthritis” but then wrote that I have “post inflammatory arthritis”. I am so confused as to what is the true diagnosis and how to figure that out. I’ve been trying to get in to another doctor for a second opinion but haven’t had any luck so far. Further information that might help is that my streptozyme level was positive. My STZ Titer is 200. My throat culture for strep was negative. My SED Rate is 33. My White Blood Cell count is normal as are all other blood tests at this time. Symptoms include sudden onset, severe pain in the shoulders, knees and several minor joints (ankles, wrists, elbows, etc.) about two weeks ago now. The pain sort of floats around and does not stay steady in one joint but is predominately in the shoulders every day. With pain medication the pain is tolerable but not gone. Without pain medication I cannot even undress myself. Any help anyone could give me is appreciated.

Fibromyalgia specialist in DC area

My mom has been diagnosed with Fibromylagia and cannot find relief for her many symptoms. Are there any specialists in the Maryland/DC area? She cannot travel for long due to her symptoms so we are searching for someone closer to home.

In Need of Fibromyalgia & Myositis Specialists

I am a 25 year old female, married with two toddlers. I have experienced pain in my joints and muscles since I was small, however since the birth of my children the pain and the symptoms have gotten much worse. Through both of my pregnancies I was on bed rest to due to pre-mature labor as soon as 6 weeks. Premature births with both also. After having my son 3 years ago (daughter is 4), I decided to consult a doctor about the pain and difficulties that I was having. Seven months, two neurologists and MANY “possible” diagnosis later, I was told I have myositis and fibromyalgia. I was put on Bextra, Amitriptaline, Neurontin, and Zoloft. There was some relief for about 4 months and my meds were increased after the relief stopped. I am still getting no relief and my GP just blows it off. My pain is worse when resting but my limbs have gotten very weak. My weight is not an issue, I am 5’6″ & 135 pounds. My swallowing has been effected and I am having problems with falling if I am standing or walking too long. I am not one to call the GP every couple of months, but recently I have had serious concerns about the progression of my muscle weakness. I live in a VERY small community and am having trouble finding a physician who can treat my symptoms with options other than pain killers. I feel that the pain meds just mask the symptoms and I am not getting “treatment” for my worsening problems. I have been trying to my own research online but am at a dead end. Do you have any suggestions for finding a physician who can treat me properly? I am in Central Illinois but am willing to travel. Thank you for any suggestions that you may have.

Is Fibromyalgia Life Threatening?

I know someone who has fibromyalgia who thinks it can affect the internal organs and even the eyes making this a potentially life threatening disease. She says the pain is just as severe as someone who has RA and fibromyalgia is just as serious as RA. Is this true???