Doctors treating Fibromyalgia in Massachusetts?

My mother has been suffering from severe Fibromyalgia for 15 yrs — her doctor is just not willing to treat her and we’re finally giving up and searching out other doctors.  Do you have any recommendations for a compassionate specialist in Eastern MA?

Testing for Fibromyalgia in children?

My step-son has been reluctantly diagnosed by a physician with fibromyalgia. He’s 15 years old, obese, flat-footed and we believe he’s exaggerating. Is there a definitive test to rule out fibromyalgia in a child. He’s been reading about it extensively online and believes everything sounds like his “symptoms”. We don’t want to ignore actual pain but we also don’t want to proceed with a misdiagnosis. We are in the DC Metro area.

Can Gauifensen flush the body of all agents that cause Fibromyalgia?

I was told by my doctor that I had fibromyalgia.  As I gotten older, it has gotten worse and is becoming increasingly more painful.  I recently met a young woman that has started a treatment using Gauifensen and eliminating Salislates for her diet and also eliminating them in product/medication forms.  Can you tell me if you know anyting about Gauifensen and if it is true that this product can flush the body of all the agents that cause fibromyalgia?  I need to do something — the pain is taken over my life and I have tried everything.  I just don’t want to get started down another path that maybe wrong.  Can you please let me know what you think about the above questions.

Doctors in the Chicago area that treat Fibromyalgia?

My Mom was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia over 6 years ago. I suspect that she has had it for over 40 years.  She sees a Rheumatologist , but is not getting any relief of her symptoms. I am wondering if there are any physicians in the Chicago area who specialize if this disease. Any suggestions or help that you can give us would be greatly appreciated.