Arthritis,anemia,and hepc

Can a chronic but only stage 1 case of hepc influence arthritis and anemia? Can there be a form of arthritis that would cause bruises and anemia,as well as significant pain in certain joints and connective tissue?

Remicade and Uveitis

My son has had problems with arthritis and uveitis for years. Now he has started on Remicade in hopes this will help his uveitis problem. They are trying to stop the inflamation in his eyes. He is now receiving steroid shots directly into the eyes. His doctor is trying to see of Remicade treatments will help with the eye inflamation. Have you seen any results with this treatment and eyes.

Link Between MMR Vaccine and RA

In August of 2002 I recieved a second mmr vaccine to return to college (this is a requirement). In February 2003 I was diagnosed with RA. This was very sudden, I woke up one morning and could not move the right side of my body. This was also very scary as I was 2 months pregnant. The group of Dr.s I saw for the pregnancy assumed this was gestational arthritis and would go away upon delivery, not so. I am not responding to methotrexate and am starting on Remicade. The rheumatologist I see says that the ra he sees in me is not typical. I have very mild swelling and intense pain that is mainly right sided. I have heard that a side effect of the rubella vaccine is arthritis. If this is so could the tx for this be different from standard tx’s. I am 34, female and basically very healthy before this. Any suggestions or comments would be greatly helpful and appreciated.