Arthritis Associated with Other Illnesses Q & A

Rheumatoid Arthritis and Shingles

I have been successfully treated for Rheumatoid Arthritis for the last 20 years. Currently on the Enbrel drug among others. Just recently, I have developed a spot of Shingles on the back of my neck. I am treating it also, however, is there a pronounced connection to Enbrel treatment and the appearance to Shingle?

Hepatitis C and RA

my question is although I have had high rf tests of 441 ect… for probably 7 years now with no systoms of ra, can this be doing internal damage just by being in your blood? i understand i may experience it my future, but does this wreak havoc if unseen? with high rf numbers, also can the fact im a carrier of tb and did have hep c which I will always test positive for both antibodies, (was treated for and cures of both) (tb )being a carrier, as I came in contact with someone as a child and had hep non a & b in the 80;s and given meds that I was one of the 10% of pop that it cured. Are there other tests that

High ANA and miscarriage

I have been having bloodwork at intervals for last 18 months, latest ANA positive 1:2560, screamingly high result as quoted by consultant haematologist however with negative DNA result. have been told Cannot be diagnosed as SLE but some type of auto immune disorder-generally feel unwell most of the time with pain throughout body, exhaustion, miscarried Feb 08-feel frustrated as no nearer to finding underlying cause or treatment-any advice much appreciated. regards andrea


I have had shingles for 6 weeks and the inflamation has cleared up, but I am still suffering some chest and back pain and loss of some energy. Is there any current remedy available.