Current Saline Shortage

Saline Shortage

The current nationwide saline shortage has the potential to negatively impact rheumatology patients dependent on infusible products to manage their disease. Bags of normal saline (0.9%) in the 250ml-1000ml volumes are especially low.

Swefot Trial Suggests Adding TNF Inhibitor Better than Triple Therapy in RA Patients who do not Rapidly Respond to Methotrexate

Initial combination therapy has been shown to be superior to step-up combination therapy in groups of RA patients; however, these findings are difficult to reconcile with the observation that many RA patients will have complete remission of disease on methotrexate alone. Practice patterns tend to emphasize initial treatment with methotrexate monotherapy, followed by the addition of other agents in combination for those with inadequate responses.

PAD-4 Autoantibodies Identified as a Novel Severity Factor in RA


Antibodies against citrullinated proteins have emerged as powerful diagnostic and prognostic tools in RA that may contribute to the initiation phases of the disease. The enzymes that catalyze the citrullination process, known as peptidyl argenine deiminases (or PADs), may also be involved in the initiation and propagation steps of the RA disease process. Additionally, autoimmunity to these catalysts may identify a subset of RA patients with unique disease phenotypes.