Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis


Just diagnosed for RA. My Anti CCP score was over 250. Doctor said it was one of the highest she’s ever seen. No joint damage yet (from the xrays.) But I’m being put on Plaquenil, which is apparently for milder arthritis. Doesn’t my high CCP score indicate an agressive form of the disease, and shouldn’t I be on a stronger medication? thank you….


Treatment for RA is based on the whole picture, not just one score or symptom.  While a high CCP may mean a possibly aggressive disease course, it must be looked at with the amount of swelling, inflammation in the blood, and the number of joints involved. Remember that this is just the beginning.  Your rheumatologist may be taking a conservative approach, knowing that adding or changing medications will happen as he/she measures your response.  You should discuss the long term plans with your rheumatologist.  

Victoria Ruffing, RN

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