Can Lyme Disease Cause Arthritis?

No one can explain why every joint in my body is deteriorating at such rapid rates. I am 55 yo and ever since having severe Lyme disease and Bell’s Palsy at age 50, nothing has felt right. They called it Fibromyalgia for years, until I inisted on MRI’s and then they discovered, bi lateral carpal tunnel, a destroyed knee, two bunions which never healed after surgery, invasive sinus surgery with chronic infections,severe hip pain, and severe scoloiosis and degenerating discs with severe back and neck pain. My hands hurt and developed enlarged joints under the thumbs. My lower back has fused together, and the pain is relentless. I am on Oxycodone, but after 3 months they are losing their efficacy. Vioxx didn’t work, I developed GI bleed from Ibuprofen and am limited in my choices. Could the severe back labor I endured for 15 hours at age 41 have done this to my back? and thrown my body into a premature decline or is it more likely the LYME. I wasn;t diagnosed for four days after collapsing and being admitted to the hospital. Is there any hope for me, or am I doomed to a lifetime of pain and deterioration?