Bursitis and Tendinitis Q & A

tendon nodules

I have Heberden’s nodes on several of the last joints on my fingers. Some pain and disfigurement associated with the condition. I now have a new nodule below my right ring finger on the palm with greater pain than the fnger joints. Could this nodule be related to the Heberden’s nodes? My family doctor has given me no alternatives. Are there any new developments which could offer some relief?

Levaquin and tendons

Sorry, I thought I was asking the following question: About 2 months ago I was on a 7 day presc for Levaquin. I started having pain in outside of right foot whenever I stood on it. To the point that I had to use my walker again (had knee replacement surgery Oct29,09). Is it possible the Levaquin has caused this tendon problem. It is in the outside of my rt ankle & very painful to walk on. Thanks

Knee Pain

I play basketball and when im playing my knee has pain in the middle on the kneecap, is there anything i can do to stop thins such as taping below the kneecap like ive heard from others?

RA and tender hips

I have RA and I have not been able to find the right medications that work for me. My hips a very tender. It is hard to sit down because they are so tender. Is there any thing that I can do to reduce how tender they are? Should I try ice?